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Not a family gathering goes by were we don't get the question 'you do something or other with websites, don't you?'. When it comes to web development, most poeple don't see past the nice colours or a pleasing layout, but our work goed well beyond that. At CodeNamed we're passionate about the web. Bij CodeNamed hebben we een passie voor het web. We like to keep up with the trends in the digital world, and that is not just about design. A web application si much more than a couple of colours; there's a lot of what we call "layers" behind the design.

Front and back, back and forth

On the front-end, colours and layout do come into play: the design of the website. This is what a visitor sees when arriving at the website. A For the front-end we use HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

On the back-end, also known as server-side code, the bits and bytes ensure that our instructions – in the C# programming language - are executed. This part is invisible to visitors, but indispensable for the correct functioning of the website.

Flawless integration

Our work then consists of writing code for the front and back-end of a website. But in order to show a web page on your browser, we need to make sure that the front and back-end integrate flawlessly. That's why we put our code in a web server. This web server ensures that an actual web page is displayed when you type, for instance, 'facebook.com' on the browser. Quite handy.

More than something or other with websites

In short: our experties lies with the web, but goes further than 'something or other with websites'. We build web applications from the ground up and into the cloud. But it doesn't end there: we also provide technological advice and conduct code reviews for companies. We work in the Microsoft ecosystem. That's where we build our own products and help other companies and developers with their questions and problems regarding the .NET Framework and Microsoft Azure, Micrsoft's cloud platform.

Want to know more about or work? Email, tweet of drop by for a cup of coffee!

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